The Weddies is a love events agency created in 2018 and actually managed by Valisoa and Aurélie. After many successful experiences in the world of marriage, we observed the different couples we followed during the preparation of their marriages, we realized that the marriages follow one another and do not look alike. Every couple and every journey is different, so are the events, and that’s what we like: to adapt perfectly to the desires of our lovers in every detail.


We get to know each couple as we prepare. Our involvement is as important as that of the bride and groom, since they trust us to put in our hands the organization of the most beautiful day of their lives. So it’s always a great joy and a lot of emotions to experience these intimate moments with them and their loved ones, whom we also get to know after many months of discussing their history and event in great detail. Even after many ceremonies, we are moved at each new celebration, as if we were members of their entourage.


It can be a traditional, religious, secular or thematic wedding, what is most important to us is that love is celebrated according to the wishes of our newlyweds and that they are fully satisfied with it. Our main objective is that they should be relaxed and not have to worry about anything.


Valisoa and Aurélie